June 2013 – From an Idea to your Trunk



In early 2012 after months of searching, I bought a new car. The first thing to go was the dealership – branded license plate frame–they’ve taken plenty of my money, they didn’t the extra free advertising. Naturally, I took to the internet…football team license plate frame? Cheesey.  Stainless steel? Unoriginal.  BMW frame? I think the BMW logo is prominent enough.

I‘ve always been into woodworking–in fact, I had just bought a wood watch (check them out). Why not a WOOD license plate frame? After some extensive Google’ing, it became apparent that such a thing didn’t exist. So it started. The first couple Wood License Plate Frames were a far cry from what you see today, but the design took shape quickly. From skinny pieces of Pine and flimsy plastic backings to thick planks of Teak and a sturdy a metal bracket.

The final product that you see today has come a long way and we’ll continue to work on improvements and new variations, so come back soon!


Prototype Wood License Plate Frame

An early Pine Prototype of the Wood License Plate Frame

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